I forgot... I have to share the news with my closest blogging buds!

So in all of the craziness I had been wanting to post but keep forgetting. I mentioned in an earlier post about the time that Ky had left me for Hawaii and my Pops passed, that i had to take a National Licensing exam for my Licensed Substance Abuse Counseling License. So you take a test in a room of about 100 people and then walk out having to wait for 6 weeks for the results. It is a bit nerve wracking.... Well I waited and waited and had still not received my letter so I was getting a bit disappointed, the night before we left for San Diego I was checking my home phone messages and there was a big Congrats message from our local Association of Substance Abuse Professionals telling me that I had passed my licensing exam with flying colors. Ky was dead asleep I start screaming and whooping she flies out of bed thinking there was another minor emergency maybe nuclear warfare. After I calmed her and told her the news and made her listen to the message things were better.. The next morning I couldn't really remember if it was a dream or reality, sure enough it was a dream I called and found out that I had passed with a very high score. I am thrilled, I finally get to have some fancy letters after my name after 12 years in the field and over 20,000 hours I have accomplished something. I am thrilled it is another step in the right direction now if I just keep plugging with school and onto my masters degree I can actually "be somebody" (JK).

Last night I went to Michael Franti at the Depot a friend had bought us tickets Ky was not feeling great so I went with a couple of people. It was a blast I really liked him, interesting crowd for sure, nice venue, new kind of music for me and a really great time!!

Another cute tidbit, we had our picture taken for the Pride Center exhibit on Families for winter pride this morning... The women was asking Jack about his favorite superhero, Jack says: Well my Jonny is (cute thats my Cute Marine Corps Bro) I about died because he is a superhero but for Jack to comprehend that is remarkable! Also if ANY of you cute families are interested in being a part of the exhibit it is a free professional family picture and an incredible way to show our pride, goes along nicely with our Legislative Bill work we are doing.. Email me for info it has to be done realatively soon so get on it.



YAY they called today and found 3 more vials today so we have purchased EVERYTHING they have in the place!! So 6 tries!! FINGERS CROSSED and everything else! Thanks ALL!


WOW!! Exciting news!

So...... We have been talking about starting to try to get pregnant and this next few months will tell alot!! First we were looking for a donor and we were both devastated that we were not able to use Jacks donor, well the good news of the month is not only did we find out that there were 4 vials left at the U but that we could purchase them and use them because we had a successful pregnancy as long as we are being seen by a doc at the U!! So I have an appt, the vials were purchased today but sadley we found out there were only three left unless they find some missing ones tomorrow. They are being stored!! Now, I just have to get pregnant in preferably less then that many tries. That is the part that is so concerning. I know how much many of you have been through and then I see Ky who was prego two out of three tries. She and I were discussing it today and as all do are just going to will it to happen right!!! I know it is easy to be there when you haven't been there before and many of you probably have an eye roll or two but I refuse to be anywhere different then that for now!! I am so damn excited but it is a bit scary too!!!

So I guess the journey begins!!! :)


How did I get so damn lucky??

So it has been brought to my attention more often then not recently that Ky is good at everything she does. It is so true, I have realized it most myself in the last few weeks.........

Over the past 8 months I have witnessed the most amazing thing.... I have watched a woman emerge from a shell and with the drop of all of her weight I have watched the woman I fell in love with coming back pound by pound inch by inch. Now let me clarify, for me it has absolutely nothing to do with her weight or the way she looks, but with each and every pound that comes of Kyla exudes an extraordinary amount of confidence, drive, motivation, inspiration, and success. I have butterflies again everyday because it is amazing to watch someone you love go through such an enormous change. Everyday I love her more and I didn't even know that was possible but it is. So, several people have said to me recently- Is Ky just good at everything she does, does she always excel, is she always a ten? Let me tell you she is especially now things just seem to have come together physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!!! Most recently let me name a few of my amazement's

Yesterday we went skiing-KYLA was AMAZING at it, I felt like I was watching a pro!!
KYLA ROCKS at the DRUMS on ROCK*(*BAND playing it the first time oh ya and G)()*UITAR HEROS and on the WII she gets almost perfect 10s in the WII olympics
KYLA informed me tonight that on her own accord she registered and has begun training for her first half marathon in APRIL
KYLA is an incredible mother, lover, wife, friend, listener, partner, cook, maid, etc etc etc etc
KYLA gives 199% to every single thing she does
She continuously supports me and my family no matter what the cost
She received her bachelors degree this winter
She excels in her work
She recently put together a photo DVD for my grandfathers funeral that was so touching, beautiful, well done, and professional with over 40 hours put in and then handed it out to my entire family for Christmas with personalized picture labels of him on the front and wrapped in gorgeous wrapping paper with a 21 gun salute bullet on the front of each gift!


I mostly wanted to take a moment and pay tribute to an astonishing person!! Someone who has taught me resiliance, consistency, and love!!

I love you BABY more than life, thanks for being mine, thanks for teaching me about that fire deep inside to accomplish things and about keeping it lit. I consider myself forever blessed!!


Ice skating in Salt Lake City.......In the Car!!

So.... For those of you not in Utah we got a pretty incredible storm today and I was lucky enough to be out driving in it. First driving down I15 A Honda Accord flew past me just in time to lose complete control of their car and went into complete tailspin, back and forth across the freeway, I have no idea how they did not hit a side wall I pretty much stopped on the freeway because I had no idea how it was going to play out. The next thing I know he begins spinning full 360 degree spins facing oncoming traffic then around and around. Eventually he ended up headed the right way, I still have no idea how but we all survived that.

The best part of the story is this.... about two months ago I backed into my tenants car. Put a pretty good scratch on my bumper and scraped by a near divorce, since it is the third car I have dinged or backed into in the last three years. I swear the damn van has blindspots that I can never see out of. A normal person would remember that, me I seem to forget pretty regularly. Well..... I have been hoping for a new bumper and kept thinking soon enough someone as unfortunate as I would rear-end me. Well today it happened I was driving down 1300 south with my cute son in the car and as I came to the stop sign I knew it was very very slippery I had a hard time stopping. No sooner did I look up in my rear view mirror and the car behind me is experiancing the same thing. I tried to put the gas on and get out of the way but the tires would not catch and BAMM right into the back of me. I think he may have been going a bit to fast for the conditions, the scariest part was the fact that I looked into his car and he had two young like 5 year old girls in the car in the front seat thats right two kids in the front seat. I am just grateful that his airbag didn't go off they would have been hurt. Second bad thing is he stated I am a doctor at Pri999mary Chi@*@*@rens Hosp&#&#tal. I think to myself holy moley he has to know what could have happened to his girls. Needless to say everyone was fine, I have a bit of a headache I think from tensing up so much because I saw it coming.... Even better I will be getting a new bumper and rear hatch. I mean it is crappy that anyone had to get into an accident and it could have as easily been me.. I think when I called Ky and said I have been into an accident she had flashbacks of my inappropriate backing into things but her first question was are you okay?

We are really excited we are going skiing tomorrow, it should be really fun we are heading up with some friends. I don't ski, I have skiied once in my life and spent the majority of that time on my butt. Now that we are in better shape we are anxious to get out more and be more active. So here goes nothing!!!! We will report back soon, we will post pictures soon!