You say it best....... When you say nothing at all

It has been a while since blogging for me. Things have been a bit crazy as some of you know. I decided to put myself out there again, I am still alive. There really is not a lot for me to say right now, the world has been spinning out of control for me for the last couple of months. For now that is all I can really put out there. I cannot paint a picture for you of bliss, peace, or tranquility because that is not where I am at. I am allowing myself the space and time to experiance the greiving process, as I go through the motions of pulling my life together after losing the family that I never thought I would lose. The story doesn't matter and all I can say in all of this is that we all have our own truth, our own experiance, and our own perception.

Thanks to all of you for your mutual support for both K and I.
Thats all for now!