Thanks to the big guy above!

Took the kids swimming today, which is always fun, but a lot of stress to make sure you keep your eyes on them at all moments. Today was one of those days that I was glad that every part of my being was focused on the littles. A was jumping off the diving board with the tube around her.... I looked away for not more than 5 seconds turned back and could see her across the pool flailing in the water, it took me a second to realize what was happening that the tube was across the deep end and not around her. I dove in and got her, she was out of breath. The problem with that girl is that she ZERO fear, she thinks she can swim and can't and is reckless abandon. Today was a day I was glad to have what felt like a sixth sense as a mom, it was almost as if I knew something was wrong before it all clicked in. In addition, thanks to the guardian angel who tapped my shoulder and made me look when I did. Also, we will be doing swimming lessons this summer.... This is the second time this year A has almost drowned, no more water till swimming lessons, she can be as fearless as she wants to but somehow that kid is going to have to learn that there has to be some consequential thinking in her brain!! God Love HER!!



Are you kidding me.... Today was the day, the first day of school all the way through college for these little ones!! I wonder if it is that hard every year or mostly just kindergarten?? It was hard... Real hard, harder on me than it was on them. Tonight we came home and sat around the dinner table. I make the kids tell me three good or bad things that happened to them each day..... A shared that it really hurt her feelings today when 2 of the kids told her that her lunch was gross... Immediately I felt the mama bear feeling, like who the hell are these kids and they are eating free and reduced lunch and at least she has mothers who pack her lunch for her.... Argggghhh who raises these little hoodlums to be so dang disrespectful... But my boy looks at her and says "well that was CERTAINLY rude Alyssa" God love them both!!! It is in these moments that you realize as a mom how protective you are and that you have just released them into that big bad world. How do we teach them to stand up for themselves and that backhanding is not acceptable?? J informed me that he has one friend and that is all he needed "Mac" and then proceeded to tell me that his Nana said to him a few weeks back.... "the older you get the more friends you will have". He looks at me and says... "so mom I am not to worried about having only one friend". Alyssa on the other hand the social butterfly she is already was able to list off 20 kids in her class by first name.... And especially the two that were mean to her and that they would not be "allowed" to be her friend. WE talked about that one! So many lessons, and one statement rings true.... "All I ever really needed to know I learned in kindergarten" I think it might be right!! Now if their mom can let them fight their own battles and support them through their pain and tears and happiness and joy..... Then we will be good!!

Today I can say, I sort of wish time could stand still.... Just for a minute!! LOVING every minute of it!