Death....Hmm.... What calls someone home??

Life can certainly change in one fell swoop!! Poppie is gone, I am sad, but it was coming for a while we knew it. How do we prepare for death anyways, this week I sat in a hospital room watching a man I loved dearly gasping for air for 4 days straight. Preparing, or so I thought myself for the one moment in life. I still was not prepared for what this would bring. It has been an emotional rollercoaster.... Overall though it had to happen, I am so grateful that God was finally willing to take this man out of his suffering. Meanwhile as I am sitting at the hospital on Monday I got the call from my Mitchy that his father had passed very suddenly that morning. Well not so suddenly when you have cancer spread throughout your body, you are given three months to live and then 2 days into the hospice care your body has enough. I am much too tired to come up with some philosophy right now but am sure that I will speak more about it later... It is just interesting to think about "What calls someone home?"

To all my dear friends thank you for all of your support!!!


WOW one weekend down, one WEEK to go :)

Well overall things have gone fairly well for me here. I love my kids, we have had a blast and so many wonderful people have offered support. I got in this weird mode on Thursday and decided that I would take hold of the time that Ky was gone and bleach the entire house I mean sanitize, deep clean. Well I have made some progress, the kids bathroom has never been cleaner, and i have almost completed the kids end of the house. Today I got a wild hair and decided to clean our dry storage and storage room in the basement. Oh my the projects I start now I am sitting here blogging instead of going down to finish it. I will finish it though soley so I can check it off my list. I have written two papers for school, shoveled massive amounts of snow, made snowmen, and completed some Christmas present crafty stuff that I have been meaning to do for a while. It has been good I have been a sort of machine. Isn't it weird that we get more done when the one we love is away, I think it is my way of keeping my mind off of things, plus when she is home it is WAY more fun to cuddle on the couch to a movie.

For fun Friday night a work friend of mine brought over "Roc*k ** B**and) and her playstation 3 and we played that till close to midnight, it sort of goes along with my new Gu**itar He**ros addiction. After the kids were in bed of course. I only wish I was a good as Ky and could put pictures up but thats not my forte.

Anyways, to my wifey, I love you, I miss you immensly, and I am counting the days for you to come home!!

To my friends, thanks for all of the much needed moral support, the phone calls, the offers for drinks, coffee etc. I surely appreciate that you are all amazing!!


Wish me Luck

My beautiful wife is leaving me tomorrow for 11 days to go to Hawaii to take care of her mom who had surgery. Thats right folks 10 days. I am mostly jealous that she is going to warm and lovely Hawaii, and I will miss her BAD. I think I will handle the kids just fine!! I might need some happy pink pills or just knock me over the head with a bat!! Really it will be fine. I will enjoy the intense quality time with my children and plus thank heavens for daycare, like my wife says "it is only like a couple of hours a night before they go to bed" I say "thats right honey it is just keeping up with all of the stuff you do in addition that makes it a bit difficult". Love you my girl!!!! Hurry Home and remember you deserve a bit of a break!!

It can't be that bad compared to the last couple of days, as some of you know our furnace went out on Sunday morning and we have been without heat till just late this afternoon. What a nightmare, unreal!! ITs all good though it is fixed!

New class started ight love my class so that is good!!

Sorry I am so boring but that is 2 posts in 1 day pretty fancy if you ask me!

Lets do this Utah PEEPS

For those of you who are not already involved in this:

I am on the board for a legislative bill that is going to the House in January 2008As most of you know we have a little girl that is adopted but we were unable to legally foster her or adopt her as a couple. This bill is VITAL for all LGBT who are hoping to have children, have children, or have the potential for fostering children within their family or otherwise. Ultimately this bill would allow for second parent adoption for now we are just going to take it step by step.

This is going to require a TREMENDOUS amount of support from everyone in Utah. We want all to be involved this is going to take action and a big push from all including, LGBT parents, grandparents,supporters, allies, and friends.

We are hosting a meeting at our house on December 17th at 7:00 pm. Kids are welcome.
In this meeting we will tell you what you can do to help, we will discuss the rally that will take place in February. We will talk about other bills that have been overturned that are similar to this back in 2000. My email is below for more info!

We NEED all of our friends to be involved kids or not to be there, because we know that you ALL support and love our children. We will also host meetings in Northern Utah, Tooele, Sandy/Riverton area over the next month.

I have included some additional information below, if you have ANY questions please email or call me!! Thanks in advance for your support. Also please keep this going, pass it on your bulletin, we must educate everyone we know because most think we already have these rights!

If you have other questions about this you can email me at rebecca.brown2@gmail.com and I will get you in touch with the right people, I am just not comfortable posting all contact info now.


SUPPORT Adoption Amendments

Adoption and foster care decisions should be made by
parents and professionals, not politicians. All qualified
parents should be able to adopt.

• The marital restriction costs taxpayers. Children with two parents
are less likely to end up on CHIP, food stamps, and welfare than those
with only one parent. Current law prevents a parent from sharing rights
and responsibilities with another cohabiting adult if they are not married.
This creates families with a working adult and a child on welfare.

• The marital restriction has harmed children in crisis. In 1999, the
year before the marital restriction, DCFS placed 644 children with
relatives. As of last year, relative placement had dropped by 31%. In
that same time frame, the number of children in state custody and the
length of time in custody have increased.

• Parents should have the right to choose who raises their children.
A parent knows what is in their child’s best interests. Under current law,
a single parent can designate someone for a second parent adoption,
including a roommate or a lover who lives somewhere else. But if the
second adult lives with the parent in a committed relationship, the law
says they are disqualified.

• The best interests of the child should not be ignored. In October
2007, a court told Gregg and Mike Valdez that their four nieces and
nephews would be taken away and placed in foster care because Gregg
and Mike were not married. Even though the children were with relatives
and were all together, the law prevented the court from considering what
would benefit the children.

• Married couples will still have priority to adopt. Utah values
traditional families. And under Adoption Amendments, a married couple
will take priority over other candidates in the adoption process. But any
loving and supportive family is preferable to no family for children in

SUPPORT Adoption Amendments