Life is precious.... I get it

WOW.... I don't even know where to start but I have to start somewhere! So April 29th my life changed significantly.... Hopefully only momentarily. I was horseback riding and the horse spooked and took me for at least an 8 second ride. I held on for a good while and flew off, had a 2 minute seizure, suffered a head injury and the horse landed with his foot on my wrist and popped the tendons off both sides (waiting on surgery), I also smashed the entire right side of my face. Nice I know....... Its been a long month. I have been unable to do anything, run, laugh, play football, school, work, and parent. Things are slowly getting better, I still have a consistent headache and lots of doctors appointments.

I also have had lots of other changes but ultimately in the last couple of weeks decided to move back to my parents with the kids. I REALLY want to buy a house and sort of needed to take a deep breath and pull myself together, get some things in order, and figure out what exactly I was doing. It has been a rough year but living at moms momentarily is finally making me feel like I can take a deep breath, especially with my health momentarily. Nothing like being this age and moving back home but it is very temporary till I can get refinanced off of my old house!! I am looking forward to buying something soon!

Anyways, thought I would drop a quick one. I will post some recent pictures and updates soon!!!