The last day okay so a few more pics

Our last day has been a BLAST we spent the afternoon at the beach!! YAY for a sunny Friday in California

The last several

Well the initial excitment of the trip trickled over the last couple of days, we have still been having a great time but been doing a whole lot of nothing. The weather has been cold and a bit dreary, we have played smashball in the condo, played all kinds of imaginary games, enjoyed each others company (for the most part) and done a lot of resting. It has been really nice to just relax, I forget how it feels to relax and realize that I spend most of my life go, go going. Between two kids, school, work, the gym, and training for the upcoming marathon in Phoenix in January, I have not stopped. I was telling my dad today, I don't remember the last time I slept this much, going to bed at 9pm has been real weird!! It gets dark here at like 4:30 pm so by 9 I feel like it is extremely late! Not to mention with 2 boys in the house we have watched a CONSIDERABLE amount of football, I have been sufficiently schooled with some new football skills I think.

Here are a few of the latest pictures I have to share..


Day Four (Tuesday)

We spent some more time at the beach today!! Mostly we have been enjoying our time as a family!


Day Three (Monday)

So Monday was a great day!! We ventured out to Legoland California, it was amazing I can't even tell you the coolest things were built out of lego's. My kids were still a little bit young and after that experiance I realized they are WAY to young to go to Disneyland yet.
The evening was spent out with my bro, he and a group of Marines went to a concert and they invited me to go also. Let me tell you, a group of Marines, just off of deployment we had a rockin good time but I am still trying to feel well today, if you know what I mean! Anyways, we went to Cross Canadian Ragweed and Randy Rogers concert and honestly I had never heard of them before but they were amazing! I am definitely a new fan!

I have included a couple of pictures from our day of fun!!

Day Two (Sunday)