Mommy its Jesus and stuff

I have a final tomorrow but I had to write this while I was thinking about it!! 2 of the funniest things from the mouths of babes. So, I had to go for my weekly shot of god at the doctors office and I had the day off so the kids were home with me (it only took one day to be reminded of why I go to work everyday, I would go NUTS, I LOVE my kids but I am pretty certain I am a better as a professional working mother, thanks GOD for our wonderful daycare lady) Okay back to the story, doctors office and kids Alyssa is sitting next to me and she can see through a window into another office where a man is sitting, before looking that direction Alyssa SCREAMS at the top of her lungs with excitement "MOMMY LOOK ITS JESUS" I was agahst and it took me a minute to figure it all out, the entire room was also in awe, like what do these people teach there kid. Well I should explain that the guy did have very long brown hair down his back....... I have not stopped laughing since about it. So I look at her and say "No, honey that is not Jesus, he is in heaven, and please don't scream like that it scares me" Alyssa says in a very slight whisper "Okay Mommy but that is Jesus I promise". Weird who knows maybe it was??

The other funny of the day is that this morning Alyssa had come to lay in bed with her Mama and she says "Hey mom there is chocolate in my pink bed" Ky says "Chocolate??? Honey will you go check Alyssa's bed for chocolate." So I go in there thinking maybe she had a hidden candy bar. Sure enough I should know better there was a nice brown area on her bed, she still wears a pull up so I have no idea how it made its way there, I am sure it is one of the stages of development, I mean it wasnt big and it sure looked like chocolate, and just to convice myself it of course being the mom that i am I had to smell it just to be sure it wasn't really chocolate. NOPE it sure wasn't it was a tiny bit of smeared poopy. Oh geez!! I hope she didn't really think it was chocolate, but she is definitely a crack up!!


I am such a loser

Things have been so crazy, right this instant I am trying to finish a final paper on nuclear energy, this I have no clue about really!! My class is done this week and I am going to write soon. Not to mention I really have not had anything too spectacular happen in the last few weeks just trying to breath!