Life and the pursuit of happiness at 29?

I did it, I spent my first birthday in 7 years without my family, it wasn't easy for me, I had many sad moments. I unfortunately did not get to spend the weekend with my kids. I felt abnormal and strange at first but I did it. I actually packed up the trailer and spent the weekend camping and boating for my 29Th birthday.

So let me tell you all about it. Our family was originally invited to spend the 4th holiday for my birthday camping at Pineview Reservoir... Well since that didn't work out so well, I had the pleasure of spending my time with some amazing friends. Many friends came and joined me throughout the weekend, we boated, tubed, I attempted wakeboarding and was up for a second (a very brief second) the weather was not conducive to my amateur adventure of it though. The greatest surprise of the whole weekend however was on Saturday night after being joined by about 20 people at the campsite I came up after a long day on the boat to a completely decorated campsite and a HUGE Mexican Fiesta........ Complete with an incredible dinner sombrero, pinata, and lots of fun prizes. It was a blast. It put a huge smile on my face, I had a few moments of feeling pretty lonely on my birthday, it was odd and awkward not to have the people I care most about in my life there to celebrate with me. In life though you have to make the best of situations crappy or not. I wanted to send out a public thank you to all of you who took the time to think of me on my special day!!

Although I struggle I am finding some incredible solice in my independence. I have had the great reminder that I really can do this life on my own and I have it in me to be successful in trials. I also wanted to send out a thanks to all of you who emailed, text and called to wish me happy birthday!!!

Anyways, here's to my independence for today, and goodbye to fear this life is mine and only mine to conquer and take on...I will add some pictures soon!

P.S I would like to clarify a couple of things to ensure that I don't give any false "story" to all of this. Kyla spent the weekends with the kids. She was gracious enough to swap me weekends and I would never want any one to think that she was keeping them from me so if it sounded that way forgive me. I missed them all IMMENSLY camping was not the same without K thats for sure !