Wow I am a loser!!

I have not blogged in more then ages. I can't believe it. Here's the deal school is absolutely downright kicking my butt!! I will have been in 2 math courses for a total of 11 weeks. Math has ALWAYS held me back from getting through college. I would take a math course and quit and then I would be totally discouraged about school. I REFUSE to do that this time, I am doing it but it is taking its toll. I am not math smart, I did not pay attention in highschool and my real life really has little to do with math. Tell me to solve a life problem, handle a crisis, or help someone and I am on it. Give me a math problem I go blank there are too many steps. I have never put quite so much time and committment into anything. My family has gone without me and is facing another 5 weeks of it. In addition I have been writing a very large proposal for my job which should be winding down and submitted this week. I know most of you keep up on the other parts of my life on K's blog so I will probably be out for a while longer while I purge every brain cell I have to get through it.