Is it over yet??????

I see everyone's posts saying they can't believe it is December..... Christmas has come so fast.... Well not to be a bahumbug at all but all I have to say is "IS IT OVER YET?" Of course I love Christmas, but for the love of god they started playing Christmas music in October...... This has been one hell of a year and to be honest I am REALLY quite excited about what 2009 will bring.... Could this year just be over!!

The kids and I have been having a great time. I am still living with my incredible friends, they let me remodel a room in the basement so I have started to feel like i have my own space, it is awesome, I have the kids sharing a room and now have my own room!! I have started to slowly acquire some new furniture and rescue some old furniture from my old house........ It is weird what we go back to but as I take loads from the house I realize that the majority of what comes my way are things that I acquired long before my relationship..... Interesting how we hold on to things that are meaningful and hold a lot of memories.

I brought the kids to a party at the jail where they got to see Santa~!

I hope that hey don't think Santa lives at the jail...... I always make jail out to be a not so fun place but they sure had a great time.
Anyways, to all my friends I hope you have an amazing Christmas and YAY for 2009


The Junkie That Stole Christmas

So..... I have talked before about my amazing job. I love my job, I love my job because I don't really work for the money, and it is about so much more then that for me. I consider myself to be extremely blessed to have the opportunity to impact lives daily on the level that I do. Anyways, this post really isn't about me.... In fact, this is more about my job impacting me this week.
Every year around Christmas the clients that I work with are given the opportunity to perform a "holiday presentation". We make them aware of the idea in October and they start planning, we never know what will come of it, or how creative they may get... A reminder I work in a jail, creativity runs few and far between here. They are not given props, outfits, music. But they manage to come up with all of it. Yesterday was one of the 2 program "holiday presentations" that we hold. The ladies I work with decided that the theme for the year would be "The Junkies that Stole Christmas". Although I won't go in to every countless detail, I will say that the idea was that as a drug addict so often they cannot even hear the sounds of Christmas any more. They cannot deal with the feelings surrounding the holidays and in an effort to deal with this they continue to get high. Throughout the skit they came up with songs that were parodies from all of our favorite Christmas Songs i.e "Yellow Cells" instead of Silver Bells, All I want for Christmas is Sobriety instead of my two front teeth. Anyways you get the drift, although the experience is very surreal, it is filled with creativity. The story line ends with them being arrested and sentenced to the substance abuse program in the jail, release from jail, and the next year they can then feel and hear Christmas. My clients albeit by their own choices are at a place in their lives that they have lost any and everything that means or meant anything to them. Their choices have led to the loss of family, children, belongings, safety, a home, and most of all hope! I sat and watched yesterday as these women performed and realized....... For a moment right then they had the opportunity to experience HOPE, ACCOMPLISHMENT, ACHIEVEMENT, JOY, FRIENDSHIP, CAMARADERIE, and SUCCESS. For each women the void that simple moment may have filled for them is untouchable. My wish for all of them is that during this holiday time they finally get to remember all of those feelings, with a clear head and a clearing heart they get to be just a little more humble and spend today and everyday with just a little more hope!