Thanks etc.

You know it is a good reminder in life that there are just good people out there. People who think of others before themselves! In reading several of those on my blog roll I am reminded of this. Tonight I was reminded of this when some friends called to ask if they could come over and try to get a household issue resolved before Ky got home so that she could be excited and surprised. How nice, how nice that I have had so much love and support while Ky has been gone. Thanks to you all and big hugs.

To all my friends that are dealing with tremendous amounts of CRAP on their own..... We are thinking of you! If there is anything we can do... You know the drill!

On a different note, I spent the morning at the pediatric dentist today....... Jack chipped his damn tooth in the bathtub. Why me, why can't Ky be here when this happens. Now she has to come home to a baby boy with a crooked tooth, I am trying to convince her that this is the first of MANY bumps bruises and bings in this rambunctious childs life.



As I looked around the Capital tonight.... Minus the stress ridden faces from the HORRIFIC drive, I smile inside BIG TIME. What a beautiful and amazing sight to see everyone at the Rally for HB318. It is late, I am tired but I wanted to say a big THANKS to everyone who has been working so hard, it means so much to me. A special shout out to all the Blogger Moms and families and especially Keri you are a truly amazing woman!! I hope everyone made it home safely!!